#9 – Your Hand In Mine

I don’t know if I like “First Breathe After Coma” or “Your Hand In Mine” the best off of Explosions in the Sky’s The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
I go back and forth
I especially like the chords in “Your Hand…” but the more intense part of “First Breathe…” finds its way into my head most often
I also like the intro, but “Your Hand…” has almost the same intro (symmetry anyone?)
But oh man
At about 2:27 in “Your Hand In Mine” Explosions’ begin to play the simplest, but most beautiful melodic progression of the entire album
Fittingly last on the album, it is a summation and complement to the previous four songs
The chord progression is very simple:
||: C#m – E – B || A – E – B :||
Over and over, until about 5:20 when it changes to
||: C#m – B – E :||
Even simpler, then
||: B – E :||
Simpler still, and the final note of the album, E, reduces even a more complex two chord progression to one note as if everything has been settled, and reduced to it’s bare elements revealing that there is only one thing in the world that is important and it is this
It is this note, this love, this peace of God that becomes apparent once all other illusions have faded away
Illusions of grandeur, of despair and meaningless, of lust, of wealth, of hopelessness
Explosions’ found a very simple way of expressing this through the only words that can describe the album
“The earth is not a cold dead place”
Did you not know for sure?
Did you forget along the way?
Do you need a hand to guide you back?
The song starts off at the height of complexity and becomes simpler and simpler much like the answer to the question slowly reveals itself as the only one
Yes, I need your hand in mine


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