#12 – One Ear Won’t Pop

My right ear won’t pop
It makes me feel kind of disoriented, mostly when standing and walking
It makes me think that any second an air bubble in my head with implode and a steady stream of ear fluid with flow outward into a river that will encircle my whole body before embarking to the lowest point in my apartment
Turning into a pond
Or a spit, if that is ever used technically
I imagine it kind of like Dali
Me, naked, pale, right arm outstretched atop a desolate landscape with a melting clock and dog to me left and right respectively
From my right ear flows my waxy river turning quickly behind me head into a design by my left ear
Like intertwined lasso from multiple ear-drum cowboys trying to catch the indian culprit who is clogging my audio receptor
Ridiculous but still art, ask any postmodern
But am I asserting power as superior in relation to my relationship to cowboys or indians or even ear wax?
Or desolate landscapes?
And what of timex or terriers?
I just wish it would pop…


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