#14 – Madness

“He’s lost his head” he says viewing the insane man on the corner across the street who fancies himself what he would say “the most important damned man on the planet.”
However, is this really what is going on?
“I mean, look at the man. Turning his head to look behind every six seconds as though he’s being followed. Who the hell does he think is? Some grand dream that is–president or something! Such nonsense.”
“Do you really believe that?”
“Believe what?”
“What it is you’re saying.”
“Well. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Do you disagree?”
“Yes, of course I do. Not only is it incorrect to assume one who is insane is without his senses, but just the opposite, it is ridiculous! Why would anyone think they’re being followed around every corner and watched from every windowsill and not assume that all these things are connected in some way?”
“Umm, sure they think they’re connected, but it doesn’t make any sense! To us they’re obviously not being followed.”
“To us, no, they are not. But we’re talking about a person who is in denial of the plain truth but not of rationality for I am sure that the reason for people spying on him makes absolute sense to his distorted mind; the utmost sense in fact. There is nothing else in the world he is more sure about. Try to argue him out of his belief, he would have the perfect alibi, and everything would come full circle back to himself. For that is where the problem lies. He cannot see past himself! Not for a second will he assume the man two blocks down the road in the black and white suit is on his way to a business meeting with the man in the blue blazer and canary yellow tie seated one block ahead of him at the cafe. He will say both of them are working together to track his steps. ‘Why would these gentlemen be interested in him?’ we would ask. He would answer more or less ‘Why not?’ or rather, ‘Of course they want you to believe that they do not have any interest in me, how better for them to follow me to make me believe they are not!’ Madness is not the loss of rationality, but the creation of an egocentric world where no one else‘s existence carries any importance, even in their relation to the center. My God, how terrible a place to be! How does one ever escape?”

Are we all on the same sidewalk with our heads turned to our backs wondering who is following us?
Do we think about who could be, or should be following us?
Do we wonder why Mr. Canary Yellow Tie is not having lunch at the cafe with us, or that we should be doing business with Mr. Black And White Suit?
God, we do not need to seek truth, but to only be able to look the furthest from ourselves as possible.
For truth is written all over the sidewalks, the lampposts, the windowsills and door frames and on the faces of those we pass.
But we miss it because we think of them only in relation to us; to me, and not as they are; as you created them.
That is, if we see them at all.
Some say “truth is hard to find” but I think that truth is easy; it’s everywhere, in small doses as well as large.
The times where we feel we have embraced this “large truth,” or have “seen Christ” have been the times of utmost clarity of vision.
Is the problem then with the truth being seen, or the eyes that are seeing?
Can we learn to look forward past ourselves to see Christ, and to see truth?
Or will we be content looking all around and seeing only ourselves?


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