#17 – Vulgar Tongue

Must we be so silent?
Unable to speak?
As though our tongue is limp and our mind always on other things
I admit that I feel shame only seldom
when I remember that I’ve forgotten you
I do not know why
How can I care for one I’ve never seen?
have hardly felt?
nor have ever heard the sound of speech?

I believe
You care because to you I am infinitely known
How can you not since there is such an intimacy there?
Do I not because to me you are infinitely unknowable?
do I know you without knowing?
do I see you without seeing?
do I hear you? or are my ears stubborn and refuse it
Do they simple filter you out with the background noise of passing cars and of nature’s creaks and of fools babbling?

Can I ask you
Are my prayers more pleasing when poetry?
or do you prefer a vulgar tongue?


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