Observations on the Catholic School Kids after school before their Parents pick them up
Look at the kids
Dancing to the sound of their inner harpsichord before well-temperament
They’re playing in keys that are slightly odd
And so the children’s dancing
They waltz a three step riff throwing their shoulders forward as if to tackle an unseen opponent
While leaping over top an invisible foe
Who are our invisible foes?
Must we leap over or plow through them?
The children look like marionettes
Atop a mulch and gravel mix that looks of the end of the world and the moon
Children without space suits in a post-armageddon inhabited moon
Dancing a hoppin waltz to the sound of their inner harpsichord

How unfortunate
Is that attitude part of the solution or is it adding to the problem?
How can we be building up
When you’re tearing me down?
I understand you’re not an early riser
But hey, I make sacrifices too
And they’re not always acknowledged by you, at least they don’t seem to
Can we go for a walk?
Can we talk about it, baby?
Use our bodies to express our anger
At this situation
We could make it up to each other
In whatever shape that fits
These are the facts babe, what will you do about it?
(How unfortunate)

Progress is a Idea of Mobilization
Progress, oh, progress ain’t a word
Like one that I have ever heard
It’s intrinsic meaning makes us believe there’s a goal to which we’re striving and reaching like a child for the cookie jar
Oh, such language, such politics
Keeping us from the truth
We’re not getting closer
In fact, if anything, we’re walking in circles
Spinning wisdom, or convention
What the fuck does it matter what you call it
It’s a means of getting people into the system
Into the economy
Are we defined by what we buy?

I want to look over this new shape you take
Investigate the cracks between us
And make their divide smaller
Your anger makes me sad but makes me love you more for admitting it


4 thoughts on “Shorts

  1. um. i really like it when you say things that kind of sting me but are actually really loving and selfless. i love you a lot.

  2. so the thing that’s funny about the questions you asked me, besides being themselves quite funny, is that they are pretty much the only thing, thusfar that Sartre and I agree on. That is, if God gives Godself as a phenomenon that exceeds our conception of it, then the spatial qualities and measures that we have would be exceeded as well. as far as jesus is concerned…it’s true he would be mini in the sense that he would have spatial qualities because of his humanity. however, i guess my question would still remain…is divinity something that can be described phenomenologically even if it is given through jesus? moreover, how do we qualify that the encounter with jesus is an encounter with a) jesus and b) the divine since our encounter with jesus is itself mediated through yet another phenomenon. and example is probably necessary: we read the gospel of matthew which talks about jesus as being divine. so we are not experiencing jesus as a direct phenomenon. phenomenology of religion is really fascinating stuff.

  3. 3=1 is all the math theology might need (according to craig boyd) but i’m not sure the same is true of philosophy. either way…it’s always entirely too much math for me to be interested in any capacity.

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