Recent work

Hello all,
Here’s a quick life update.

– Started the new school year, looking to travel. College fairs and High School visits mostly in St. Louis, though some in the Quad Cities in northern Illinois, and Iowa.
– I recorded vocals for Dear Future last weekend. Brandon and Paul came down and lent their pipes to one of their new songs. They have a new EP in the works that sounds pretty promising. It seems a little down-tempo to the last one, but I think it’ll turn out pretty mature.
– I began work with Kelly Latimore last week as well. I’m very excited about this. Kelly is probably the most underrated artist currently residing in Greenville. We’re not sure exactly where to go yet, but we demoed several songs and should have a bit more direction next meeting on Thursday. I can’t wait to really develop his songs and get him a very good sounding EP/LP.
– Sunday night I watched the wonderful Steph Plant perform at Greenville’s bed and breakfast Chartreuse. Steph is probably the best singer I have ever heard in my life in person, if not ever. I’m still pretty foggy on where to take her music as I’ve never heard her perform with any other accompaniment except her guitar or mountain dulcimer. While her music would be beautiful as is, I’d like to see where we could take it. She does share similarities with Regina Spektor, and her music is primarily piano and Regina, though a few songs are more produced. Regina also has a bit more of a pop feel, which lends itself to beats and such other glitter.
– Lastly, there may be a very interested development with me and the studios here in Greenville. More on that when more is known.

That is all until the future is here.


2 thoughts on “Recent work

  1. To me, Steph is almost more of a jazz singer than a pop singer. She has definitely listened to quite a bit of jazz, and I think she might have sung jazz in high school, and I can hear that influence in the way she sings.

  2. i can see that. she has amazing control over her voice, and can do just about anything. i hear some of that jazz influence, but i have very little knowledge of that kind of thing. i miss you man. i should call you sometime to catch up.

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