A few articles in this weeks Papyrus

Caitlin suckered my into coming up to the office, and then I was conned into writing a few articles. The first one is a review of one of Greenville local restaurants: La Hacienda Jalisco

This Ranch-styled restaurante serves up the finest traditional mexican cuisine this side of Juarez. You’ll feel like Clint Eastwood in “Two Mules for Sister Sara” with your ten-gallon hat and spurs (traditional garb not required.) Try the Burrito Ranchero, or the Chori Pollo (pronounced “Poe-Yo” you gringo!) and you’ll be begging for a siesta before you finish your chips!
La Hacienda Jalisco’s atmosphere is Mexico like you’ve never seen it: with a cobblestone carpet (that is a carpet with the appearance of granite!) Do you habla espanol? Try ordering your meal in Spanish to enrich your cross-cultural experience as the staff is fluent in the language of our neighbors to the south. Don’t like to wait? ¡No problemo! The Hacienda employs Speedy Gonzales, so your food is served fast.
What are you waiting for amigo? Get your trasero in gear and head over to the best mexican place in Greenville for a meal that is muy bueno.

I also wrote a news article about Google’s latest amazing and free product: Chrome.

Google out to polish the internet browser with Chrome

The company with the world’s most popular search engine has entered the realm of internet browsing with the open-source Chrome. Released on Tuesday, Google has attempted to reinvent the web experience for all by making a faster, more stable, and more secure web browser. Chrome implements several breakthrough designs including tabbed processing, an advanced Java Script engine, a smarter address bar, and a user defined home page with thumbnails of nine most visited pages, searches, and recently closed tabs.

“So why are we launching Google Chrome?” Google asks on it official blog. “Because we believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web.” At first glance, Google Chrome is plain and simple with the bear minimum of buttons and controls. This was by design because to Google the browser is “only a tool to run… pages, sites and applications that make up the web.” Some of those applications, most prominently web searches, Google has on lock-down, though the company has others like Gmail, Calendar, and particularly word processing that present potential “malware” to mammoth Microsoft.

Microsoft, which claims 72% of the browser user base with Internet Explorer, is about to release IE8. Microsoft general manager of IE Dean Hachamovitch has claimed IE8 is better “for what people do every day again and again,” but it has already tested slower than Chrome. IE also comes pre-installed on all PCs shipped with Windows so it is in no way threatened by Chrome, but Google is not “out to get” IE, or Firefox, or any other browser.

Google’s main purpose in creating Chrome is to make the web better for everyone by encouraging innovation by means of competition. And, in typical Google fashion, the project is completely free and open source so other companies, like Microsoft and Mozilla, can apply their ideas to their own browsers; thereby creating a better web experience for all. And for those of us who do not understand techy-speak, the whole project is explained in a comic book found at google.com/chrome.

By taking products that usual cost money, making them better, then releasing them for free and turning a profit, Google is a company that stands alone in the marketplace, and there has yet to be anything it has put it hands on that hasn’t turned to gold, or in this case, chrome.

Google Official Blog
The Age
Google Chrome Comic Book
Google Apps


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