Dashboard #1

Outline of Dashboard article:

1. Introduction
a. Maybe unrelated
b. Maybe about Further Seems Forever

2. Body
a. What makes him legitimate?
b. John Cusak as Rob Gordon in High Fidelity
c. Steve Carrell as Michael Scott in the Office
d. Chris Henningfeld as himself

3. Conclusion/Application
a. What does this say about culture?
b. About teenagers
c. @JB: compared to other great break-up albums?

I found myself watching Dashboard Confessional’s 2002 MTV Unplugged DVD with several friends. While feeling immersed in nostalgia as all of the songs performed were from either two albums or two EPs I owned and frequently spun while a junior in high school, I couldn’t help but smirk at how overly adolescent they are (and were then.) Each and every song could be illustrated in a public high school framework with lyrics about an immeasurable amount of flowing hair…


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