The need for music

I am in desperate for a musical outlet, yet seem rather impotent in terms of writing. I cannot seem to create music for myself, as well as accompaniment for others. Yet I also have an overwhelming desire to do so. What is this need to create? Are there other ways in which this manifests itself in my life? I think of last month with the sudden urge to create a website, and with “tricking out” my computer with applications, and social networking type of things. I think of building instruments, some from scratch. I can think of this desire to write great articles and to maybe teach someday. This need to create new things, and put them out for all to see. Do we all have a need for significance? Or is it just me?


One thought on “The need for music

  1. 3 things Chuck1: Laughed out loud at how true the ltd though a mesa line was. even more true if they tune down and don’t have a tuner or only have one for the whole band2: what’s interesting about your whole simplicity argument is that i had a similar thought a while back. the beauty of less is more seems to be very hard to come by. i wanted to try it by taking the rhythmic nature of metal and throwing it in a less distorted indie-rock sound. the closest thing i can think of is interpol (the 1st album anyway) also, with post-rock, shortening would be interesting but also difficult when mood is more subtle. i think you touched on that quite a bit in your analysis. 3: when you set up the whole V-CH-V-CH-BR i think you left out the all important BAMFBD which is a mouthful (that’s what she said or ‘nobody in prison complained’) i’ll let you fill in the lettersand yes…if i end up close, you bet your ass and your neighbors heroin-dealing ass that i’d play with you

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