Great Things Happen To Ordinary People

for work, when I go to college fairs and make good contacts, I mark their inquiry card with “HOTT” so I know to call them later about applying.
In the back of my mind, I had a feeling that the choice of “HOTT” was a double entendre and I partially hoped someone would think something awry was going on. As it turns out, one of the student workers kept noticing that I would write “HOTT” on some of the cards (particularly, the ones filled out by high school girls.)
Not until later, and not until after she asked why I chose to be so creepy, did a few male cards show up, and all the pieces came together. This, indeed, is the misdirection I was hoping for all along.
you are hilarious
And it’s a “pouring one out for my homie” tribute to Randy who first wrote “Randy is Hott!!!” on something of mine